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Weight Loss & Toning

There are so many reasons where someone is looking to lose weight and tone their body, whether your tired of your diet or you want to improve your appearance. Our personal trainer Tim Newton, will first start with your exercise and dieting history and then design a tailored programme that combines your goals, diet and exercise.

Getting your diet and exercise right is very important when losing weight, whilst combining resistance training aimed to produce a slim and toned body. We will take into account all your goals and support you to achieve the shape you are looking for, whether thats destroying fat, losing flab and building muscle. Within a few weeks (as long as your follow you programme), we guarantee you will feel healthy and more energised. Check our success stories to see how Tim has helped his clients lose weight and tone up.

So if you’re interested in the Total Body Fitness Class, please get in touch and also if you’re looking for more information related to your Diet & Nutrition, click here.